portrait retouch originalportrait retouch
  • Color correction, fine-tune the colors, enhancing/adjusting color
  • Skin retouching with realistic perfect skin
  • Removing/ adding people or objects
  • Background editing- white/transparent/different
  • Fashion correction, adjusting posture
  • Adjust lighting contrast
  • Moderate skin/facial retouching
  • Removing braces, teeth whitening
  • Body shaping, slimming
  • Change background(white/color/different, blurring background
  • Improve complexion, defining ,makeup
  • Adjust posture, Adjust lighting/contrast
  • Enhancing iris color, red eye removal, eye lashes thicker
Men Head-Shot Touch Up OriginalMen Head-Shot Touch Up
Skin Tone Retouch OriginalSkin Tone Retouch
  • Perfect looking skin, skin smoothing, advanced skin retouching
  • Body slimming ,weight reduction, reshaping
  • Face wrinkles removal, whitening, creative makeup
  • Lens correction, high end exposure/color correction
  • Professional portrait retouching
  • Whitening teeth, improve complexion
  • Apply eye make-up
  • Face/head/body manipulations(swapping, slimming)
  • Adding Effects to photo