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We generally do all kinds of photo retouching related to Headshot Retouching. For instances: Blemish Removal, Tooth Whitening, Eye Correction, Skin Smoothing, Flyaway Hair Removal, Ear/Nose Shaping, Breast Augmentation, Body Shaping, Facial Expressions, Complete Face Retouching and so on.

Our working history is full of portfolios, projects, and image retouchings. To be exact we are retouching headshots for six years since 2011. For long a time, we don’t have a compatible website. But we formed a group of dedicated and creative designers. In result of that, we launched our dearest website Headshot Retouching on 2015/10/06. From then we just boost our retouching works.

It’s just an easy process. From our Order Page, you can submit your photos. All require data: Payment Gateway, Image Upload Options, Quantity and so many other things are available there. Even is you are confused about our order process, you can contact us anytime through our Customer Support.  Or you can email us.

We are online 24*7*365. Our support team getting problems and solving constantly throughout all working days. Even Sunday our support team is there for you to find the solution for you. But it may be little late reply only on Sunday for 1-2 hours.

We love to help you not only Headshot Retouching but also Adobe Photoshop tricks.

Our major portion of Production house is in South-Asia region. Where expert designers are available at low cost. Therefore, image retouching cost gets low. And that’s why our Headshot Retouching price is too much low comparison to other retoucher company.

General Question

You can set up border width, border color & transparency, inner & outer paddings.

Rates and Offer

You can set up border width, border color & transparency, inner & outer paddings.

Our starting price for Headshot Retouching is USD3.50.  It’s included Basic Retouching. If the image is complex and requires time to retouch, then we charge high. But the pricing is much lower than other retouching sites.

Yes, there are different types of speedy delivery services. Our normal delivery time for Headshot Retouching is 24-48 hours. But we do offer you Extra-Fast delivery. For Extra-Fast delivery within Six hours, you can contact our support team.

Yes, we offer a discount price. If you are a regular client or you have Bulk images, we are ready to offer you discount price.

No, you don’t have to pay extra for revision work, we do it for free. If you add new retouching works with the previous image, in that case, you must pay for retouching.

For small projects new clients, they must pay 50% of the total payment in advance before starting retouching. But it is easy to pay, for our regular clients. It is so easy that they can pay as they wish to pay weekly or monthly.

Our normal delivery time is 24-48 hours. But we can edit in extra speed. If you require Extra-Fast delivery, Contact Us.

No, there is no limit. We are a group of dedicated designers. We all are retouching constantly. That’s why we are ready to deliver countless headshot retouching images.

Yes, we can submit PSD files. We love to work manually. Thus, we retouch manually and can submit our manual retouching work.

Yes, we can process small projects work. We not only edit the project images but also small projects.

Obviously, we work to your satisfaction level. Unless you are not satisfied with our retouching work, we offer you a free revision of retouching.

Technical Questions

You can set up border width, border color & transparency, inner & outer paddings.

Privacy and Security

You can set up border width, border color & transparency, inner & outer paddings.

Yes, your original photo will be safe. We value your photos to the highest level. We just retouch your photos and submit it to you. Our retouching work is as simple as it is. There is no chance of photos being in unsafe condition.

No, we don’t claim any copyrights to your pictures. We are just retoucher of your headshot images, nothing else.

No, it’s not going to end up on our website. Our website images are the creation of ours. We do photography of our website images and retouch on our own. So, there is no chance of client images to end on our website.

No, we forcefully not want any credit of our retouching. But if you are pleased by our retouching work, you are always welcome to compose a testimonial for us. Our designers love to see those testimonials. Because it gives them the inspiration to retouch more with perfection.

Yes, our FTP account is secure. We offer our client a high level of image transfer protection. Because our FTP server implements strong algorithms such as AES and Triple DES to encrypt transferred images. Our FTP server also supports a wide variety of functionality with a broad command set for transferring and working with files. So, you can feel  100% secured about your images.